domingo, 15 de mayo de 2011

I'm going to New York!

Well, actually, no. Not yet, anyways. I'm going to go one day, probably 2 years from now, but this past week, it has shifted from a dream to a plan. Why can't I pack my bags and go right now? 4  main reasons:
1. Baby's too little. He's 8 months now, and I wouldn't like to leave him until he's at least 2 and a half.
2. I haven't got a passport, or a visa, or the faintest idea of how to get either.
3. 1 american dollar = 4.12 argentine pesos. Today. And the difference keeps growing. So, I must get some serious saving going on. I plan to get married in 2012, possibly, maybe, perhaps, so I got several things I must save for!
4. I still don't know if I dare to go alone. I say I do, but... do I, really? I'm always so shy around strangers, SPECIALLY when those strangers don't speak Spanish! But this trip is my life's dream, so I don't want to just go with the first person that comes up with the money/will to go. It must be someone extra special that I know I'll enjoy being with all the time (like either one of my sisters), or alone. Maybe going alone will force me to deal with strangers and actually speak some English, which is also kinda the point of going. I'm definitely NOT going with Javi. He doesn't speak the language, he doesn't particularily dream of going to NY. All he cares about is soccer, and I don't think he'll find much of that. In exchange, he'll go to the Soccer World Cup in Brazil, in 2014. It's closer, probably cheaper, and most importantly, it's what will make him happiest!

I know I'm quite far away from actually doing, but hey, this is a start: I'm going to New York. You hear me, Universe? You better start conspiring, because I want it with all my heart.

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