martes, 17 de mayo de 2011

Moving Day

Today I got to help one of my best friends move from her tiny apartment to a bigger house, just around the corner. We laughed really hard, but also got a lot of work done.
My friend V (not the one moving) and I decided we should set up a moving company and call it Bossypants, because we couldn't stop giving everyone orders all the time. We were so annoying, but we managed to move almost everything in about 2 hours! Considering NOTHING had been previously packed, I'd say we did a great job!
I'm exhausted, but happy to be a part of the whole thing. Moving to your first house with your boyfriend is such a milestone in every girl's life! I never really got that, because Javi was already living here when we started dating, so I brought my clothes and stuff gradually, over a period of time. I'm a bit jealous, I must admit it, because the new house is like a white canvas: anything can happen!
This will probably push me to make some changes in my own home, or at least I hope it will! :)

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